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As of July 29th 2023 we have closed our physical location (read the letterand are looking for a bigger space. One such space is the future Union Printers Home location. Tell the UPH Partners you would like the Pikes Peak Children’s Museum to be located there by filling out the survey and specifically mentioning us. We appreciate your  continued support.

Looking for things to do for kids in Colorado Springs? Currently, PPCM is a hands-on educational  mobile museum in Colorado Springs that engages learners of all ages by sparking creativity, discovery and life-long learning through purposeful play. Find us at various community events by checking out our calendar, rent our mobile museum, or have us come to your classroom/daycare for an in-school field trip!


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Mobile Museum

PPCM can come to you! Don’t worry, We have just the right option for your event!

In-School Field Trips

Book Your In-School Field Trip Today! It is a fantastic way to bring the our resources to your classroom.

Stories and S.T.E.A.M

We offer daytime care and education with expert teachers at any time of the year.

Pikes Peak Children's Museum

Upcoming Events

See what events are around the corner!

Follow the events schedule to be able to attend them and let your kids have the best time at our center! We are having parties, sports events and education courses every other week, so stay tuned!

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