Marcial Dumlao

At Large Board Member and Task Lead for Fundraising

Brief info

Marcial Dumlao, a Certified FocalPoint Business and Executive Coach, empowers entrepreneurs, business owners, senior managers, and leaders through his wealth of leadership insights refined over the years. His dedication revolves around guiding individuals and organizations toward growth and transformation. With a distinguished military and federal service career focused on nurturing team cohesion and leading cross-functional teams, Marcial brings a unique perspective to the realm of leadership development.
As a Board Member of Pikes Peak Children's Museum, Marcial is deeply involved in community development and growth, reflecting his unwavering commitment to fostering a brighter future for our children. His passion for building strong, resilient leaders and his active engagement in community service create a profound impact in supporting our mission to provide quality educational experiences for the youth. Marcial's expertise extends to Cool Persistence Coaching, LLC, serving corporate and small business clients, and his role as a Board Member emphasizes his dedication to the growth and well-being of our community. Join us in making a difference, alongside Marcial, for the benefit of our children and the generations to come.