We provide hands-on lessons based on STEAM curriculum presented in your classroom for students Pre-K through 4th grade. It is a fantastic way to bring the Pikes Peak Children’s Museum resources to your classroom. Click here to view our flyer.

Each program can accommodate a maximum of 30 students for Pre-K and kindergarten classes, or a maximum of 35 students in grades 1st through 4th.

Our mobile curriculum programs vary in price and depend on the length of the program. Mileage rates will be applied to schools and organizations located further than 20 miles than our home base at the current IRS rate. Please contact us for further details. Full payment must be received on the day of the program or within 10 business days. Discounts are available for Title 1 schools. *Program availability dependent upon staff and resources. 


We offer the following 45-minute program to Pre-K and kindergarten students. The program is $85 per class. Discounts are available for multiple classes. 

Hiding in Plain Sight – Students play an interactive game of hide and seek to learn about important adaptations in many wild animals. 

During these programs students will cover Colorado Academic Standards in topics of life science, mathematics, and art.  


We offer the following 60-minute programs to first through fourth grade students. Each program is $100 per class. Discounts are available for multiple classes.

Grow as We Grow – Students explore the life cycles of familiar wildlife and understand that living things grow and change. Recommended for 1st & 3rd grade.

Show Me the Energy! – Students discover that all animals depend on plants as a food source, either directly or indirectly, by exploring food chains. Recommended for 2nd grade. 

What is Matter? – Students will work in cooperative groups and demonstrate knowledge of the 3 states of matter (solid, liquid, gas) as well as physical changes that might occur to these states under heat or cold. Recommended for 3rd grade. This program utilizes latex balloons. Please inform us when booking if your school has a latex policy or you have a student with a latex allergy. 

Bird Beak Buffet – Students learn about the special functions of bird beaks and how they vary from bird to bird. Recommended for 4th grade. 

*Teachers can add on a 20-minute owl pellet dissection lab to the Bird Beak Buffet or Show me the Energy! programs for an additional $3 per student.

During these programs students will cover Colorado Academic Standards in topics of life science, physical science, mathematics, and art. 


Please have the following information available:

  1. School or organization’s name, telephone number, and address
  2. Valid email address for the person booking the program
  3. Desired program
  4. Three (3) possible program dates with arrival time
  5. Number of classes or groups who will be receiving the program

To book your educational program, please fill out our online request form or email us at outreach@pikespeakchildrensmuseum.org or call 719-357-7726.